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Friday, April 29, 2005

Sleazy 'n' cheezy topics

Visit again for these HOTHOTHOT topics.

She's just WAY too into you

Sluts in the City

The Bronx is the bomb

The crackhead next door

New York fashion crimes

That old-time religion

My (old) old man

Suru the writing guru

Smoking: I'd rather fight than quit

Diet tips I (sometimes) follow

Adventures on the Bowery

Internet dating: a match made in Hell

With friends like these...

Divine drunkalogues

Family: Seventh Heaven/Seventh Hell

What's with the tattoos?

Hitler and the art Nazis

Ye Olde Regular Bar

From spendthrift to tightwad

I'm so lonesome I could cry

Spammers, scammers, and telemarketers

I plan to have Bowleg Guy contribute his cruelly brilliant illustrations in the near future.


At 5:19 PM, Blogger elvira black said...

To: Elvira

From: Elvira

Re: Note to self

Must do a post calling all techno-geeks to see if they can help me make this graphic layout look less boring. (This is assuming that anyone ever comes to my site, but I'm working on the shameless self promotion thing). I also like those cool animated doodads everyone has now (avatars)?

At 4:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I need more on some of your listed topics, to include "Adventures of the Bowery". Sounds like a nice bedtime story!

Self-promotion should always be shameless, it's what gets men elected POTUS. Along with a healthy, self-centered focus, one should always "toot their own horn" whenever possible to promote something like this blog.

As the wonderful kids' bedtime song goes about the railroad, I say: MIMA,(EB), WON"T YOU BLOW YOUR HORN! Hey Sunshine Girl, I'm listening to the music. Play on!



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