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Monday, June 06, 2005

AA Saints Bob and Bill

AA Saints Bob and Bill
Originally uploaded by Elvira Black.
The founding fathers of the AA fellowship, as portrayed here by BG, were not as angelic as they appeared. I hereby allege that Dr. Bob died a drunk and Bill W was a lustful adulterer. This is not the sort of thing that is discussed at a typical AA meeting.

For more on the darker side of the fellowship, see AA: Threat or Menace?


At 12:54 AM, Blogger Henry said...


OK, I think a little squirt did come out this time....

I tried to get my wife to look at these, but I think the demented howls of laughter scared her.

These drawings are classic! That child-like simplicity, yet also, "Out of the mouth of babes...."

Most cult leaders are renowned for their boozing and whoring. I used to have this book, The Encyclopedic Handbook of Cult Leaders in America; it had all the juicy goodies on the nastiness that these guys were up to while sucking the souls out of their poor "members".

Look how sweaty and nervous they are; although, their halos are too shiny. LOL

At 3:46 AM, Blogger elvira black said...


Thanks so much. BG didn't really want me to post them, because he just did them as a quick goof, but I like 'em too.

Ah yes...I highly recommend the More Revealed website, especially the book section, which includes the priceless tome, AA Horror Stories.


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