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I'm a bipolar writer in the Naked City. I'm not playing with a full deck. I don't have all my dots on the dice. My cheese is sliding off my cracker. I don't have both oars in the water. I'm a bubble off plum. In other words, I'm crazier than a shithouse rat. These are my stories. Comments--short or long, nasty or nice--always welcome!

Monday, May 16, 2005

Best of shithouse oldies (under construction)

Dysfunctional family reunion
Arsenic and old meatloaf

Here's looking at Jew, kid

Help! I'm turning into a pack of Marlboro Lights 100's!!!
AA: Threat or Menace?
My reefer madness
The day the bottle dropped
What's with the tattoos?!?

Pomo for Dummies (from a Psycho)

Scary shrinks from the bowels of hell!!!
Support Group? Feh!
"This Bipolar Life

Some things that really BURN MY ASS!!
These new army ads are BROILING my BUTT!
Let's talk about drugs

The Crackhead Next Door
The end of the world as we know it?

Scary shrinks from the bowels of hell!!!
Ezra Pound, psychotic genius poster boy
Young Ezra Pound, Shithouse rat mascot
Schizophrenic's illustrations coming soon!
AA saints Bob and Bill
AA anniversary party-o-rama
"AA: Threat or menace?" special anniversary edition
Publish or perish, part 2
Arsenic and old meatloaf
Sid out to lunch
The day the bottle dropped
Here's looking at Jew, kid
And now, a word about my (non) sponsor


At 11:26 AM, Blogger sumir said...

Hi Psyco,

I have written the following letter to blogger buzz about you.

Dear Buz

I am sumirarya.

Here is a suggestion by one blogger Elvira Black. The link is as follows:

It reads as follows:
To get to older posts, click on the bottom story link on this page (currently Always Wear Your Party Hat, I think).

You should hit a new page with the remaining six older posts.

When you read one, and then for some obscure reason want to get to the next, unfortunately you will probably have to scroll up to the top of the page to click on the next topic--at least for now.

She has a strong argument in there which I think that you should promote among other bloggers.

It happens like this. Some bloggers writes long posts. They have good content value in them and stuff in their presentations. But it becomes difficult to read the next post.

If a reader of post select on post through the previous post, then it opens in a new window. The reader can have an idea about the length of the post and arrange accordingly. Through the link "Home" the reader can come back to the main blog.

I am also writing long posts and if you check I am getting good response also. (Though it is not materializing into hit on the advertisements). I also read many of the blogs. Now in case of Elvira Black, she has written a good piece on postmodernism. It is something good though the presentation is not as desired. Being a teacher and research scholar, I can appreciate her arguement. I has rather helped me to clarify some of my conceptunal aspects.

Anyhow, It was a feeling which I am sharing. You are the best judges.

Sumir Sharma,

At 5:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Sunshine, How was that walk in the sun with BG? Speaking of
"walks and walking", have BG tell you the story of how his hightops were more valuable than my 1977 Ford LTD. (He was right, that car broke down the following week and I spent $900 getting it fixed. BG still could walk around the dangerous city of BC without any trouble). BLLB

At 10:03 PM, Blogger elvira black said...

Thanks Sumir, it is a bit of an issue for me....very frustrating!

BLLB: Ah yes, the allegory of the sneakers and the's kind of like the show Kung Fu or something...

As for my walk with BG, we walked into Mickie D's and I walked out vowing never to enter the Golden Arches again. This was because I foolishly injested an e-coli laden double quarter pounder with cheese--and then proceeded to regurgitate the entire contents into several barf bags. We always get the stuff to go, hence the bags. The bathroom was two flights down, so I had no choice. It certainly was a bright, bright, sunshiny day!

I plan to explore family-induced food poisoning in the upcoming "Arsenic and Old Meatloaf."

At 6:43 AM, Blogger sumir said...

Hi elvira black,

taking a cue from you, I think, that I have found a solution to problem which you first raised. If interested then check my another blog On the right side I have given a link titled ANNAL M.A. HISTORY. The link opens a page on the same blog and on that page, one can add links of the new posts. If any interested reader wants to read your specific post, instead of ploughing through the archive, the reader may click that link and open the page. the reader will find all the postings listed there which has to be updated by blogger every time, he or she publish a new post.

The idea was borrowed from as you have made the list of all the earlier postings. I just added a dimension by giving a link to that summary post on the side bar.

I hope it will serve the purpose.


At 3:44 AM, Blogger elvira black said...

Hi Sumir:

Long time no see! Good to hear from you again.

Thanks for the info. I checked out your site, and I think this is similar to what I'm trying to do now. I've put this post as a sitemap link on the main page, and I'm adding all the hyperlinks as well. So I think that makes a reasonably good solution to how to list all the posts in one fell swoop.

Hope to hear from you again--would welcome comments on some of the topics!

At 9:52 AM, Blogger elvira black said...

Hi Sumir:

Me again. Just wanted to pass on a cool bit of code from Henry for you.

If you send someone to a link, and want to make it easier for them to come back to the original window, just add target="gnu" to the end of the URL code.

This way, the original window will stay beneath the new opened window, and readers can press on the lefthand red button to return to the main window.

I don't think it works in the comments section, though, so I can't demonstrate it on the Henry link above.

Pretty cool...Thanks H!


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