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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Touched by the hand of Gawker!

Hand of God
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I believe it was in the wee hours of Tuesday morning when I awoke and turned on Herman, my trusty Mac, to check for e-mails and such.

For some unknown reason, I decided to check my Sitemeter first thing.

At first, I thought there must be some mistake, for I found an incredible number of hits (for me anyway) had amassed within the last 24 hours.

Checking my "referral" link, I quickly discovered that my sudden avalanche of new visits had amassed thanks to a one-liner inGawker:

"New York may be over...but we're sure as hell not going to Jersey Fucking city. (Shithouse rat)."

The result of this one little sentence was, I think, over 2000 hits in two days' time. Small change to some, but to say it was unprecedented for me is the biggest understatement possible.

I guess it's the 21st century equivalent of Warhol's "15 minutes of fame."

When I first started blogging, I tried in my own pathetic way to get more visitors to my site. I occasionally submitted to blog carnivals, for instance, but such strategies resulted in no more than a mini-blip in my stats. I briefly tried BlogClicker and BlogExplosion, but only for a day or so--though perhaps I should have perservered.

In my early blogger days, I was also puzzled by the sheer popularity and "power" of the mega blogs--particularly the ones which amass daily links (usually with at least a modicum of clever commentary) from around the blogosphere. But when I was trying to sell my coop and turned to Curbed--which provides links to various NYC real estate/housing/neighborhood blogs and sites--I saw for myself how valuable such a resource could be, and why folks would come back to it again and again. With millions of blogs out there being updated on a daily basis or more, there's just so much research one can do on one's own when one is obsessed with a topic such as real estate, or media, or gossip, or celebrity gaffes, or gadgets.

Now that the hubbub has subsided, I'm pretty much back to my super-pathetic number of daily hits. But it was fun while it lasted.

Although this was a fluke, I heartily recommend that bloggers install a hit counter if they don't have one. If you are not getting many comments, it can help you see who has visited so you can go there and drop a comment and get some interaction going. Registering with Technorati can also help you keep track of anyone who has linked to you.

Not that it's made me a blogger of note, but at least with my Site Meter in tow I was able to see that I got linked to an uber-blog rather than being completely oblivious to the whole "phenomenon." Thanks, Gawker, for bestowing your grace upon me.


At 11:36 AM, Blogger g.m.s. said...

we are proud of you. now where is part two :)

At 3:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My site is loaded with toys, not that I know how to use them LOL
Mine I have mostly for the weirdos like the one that said he was outside my door (2000 miles from where I live) and getting ready to kick it in to readeem the Walker family name.
That was funny.
But I have noticed certain subjects or words attract more traffic.
For example, on some Fridays I will do a sex talk post, actually I don't even need to write one, just the title Sex Talk is enough.
350 hits two weeks ago.
When I looked at the referers it was all from google search "Sex Talk"
People just go google crazy I guess and with so many millions of people on the Net someone is bound to land on you during a search.
I usually get the 95 year old ladies.
I don't really look for readers any more I just wirte what I like and read those who are on my blogroll and sometimes I may get a new reader and visit them to see if I would enjoy their site.
I do still hit next blog and see if I could luck out and find a great blog to read, which is how I origionally found your blog.

You got to admit, Blogging has a life of its own with its little quirks and traps.
I wonder how many hits I would get if I said combinatiion pizza with extra cheese on thin crust.
Ah I don't care, I'm just hungry.

Have a nice day

At 4:02 PM, Anonymous pia said...

2,000 hits is a lot. Be proud Elivira

The posts I'm most proud of--and will put together aren't the ones that got the most amount of initial comments but get them over time---people vent about being ripped off by a credit company that's allowed to scam people--garnish bank accounts etc.

That post became a clearing house and it makes me feel that I have done something a bit worthy

At 10:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can see Jersey City across the Hudson from Battery Park. I've looked at it a lot, boated over there a few times from the North Cove marina, and even drove through it once or twice. Yet, little did I know that the town had a middle name. Thanks for filling in that gap for me, EB.


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