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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Another mental health related blunder--and boy is it ever a doozy

My bipolar blogpals in particular--and anyone who relies on prescription drugs in general--might find this article in today's New York Times as scary as I did:

"Medicare Woes Take High Toll on Mentally Ill
Some patients have relapsed after mix-ups in the first weeks of the new drug benefit kept them from getting their medications."

From the article:
"Residents of Dayspring Village see worms in their food. Some neglect personal hygiene because they hear voices in the shower. When nurses draw blood, some patients want the laboratory to return it so the blood can be put back in their veins."

Although to be "fair," the author doesn't directly connect this para to patients whose meds have been stopped, the rest of the article more than makes up for this alleged gaffe.

Read it and weep...


At 9:28 AM, Blogger Brink Craven said...

Hi E-
yeah I went to get my first script of the year filled at the pharmacy a few days ago and I ended up waiting over an hour and a half to get all the medicare shit straightened out.-and I was one of the lucky ones. I actually received my meds!

anyway i also wanted to inform you that I am posting on my blog more regularly now! so come on by and visit! You'll be happy ya did! haha I dont know that really. I just thought it sounded kinda Ellie May.

At 6:12 PM, Blogger Walker said...

I would think that people in the medical profession would have the common sense to have everything ready before making a transition into the new system. They should be responsible for any costs incured by the patients misfortunes and any other problems that may stem from their fuck up.
Maybe they could have done everything the month before the change over and saved people alot of grief.

On a unrelated issue I would like to ask if you have ever concidered putting on your settings to open a new widow for your comments box. I sometimes find myself having to open 2 pages on some of your longer posts so I could refer to it when commenting.
I'm not trying to be difficult or maybe I'm just lazy who knows.
Have a nice weekend :)


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